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 Ceramic Car Coating, Truck & SUV Coating | Available in Ajax - Book Online

Have you ever thought of applying Ceramic coating to your vehicle?

How well will it protect your vehicle's exterior? Is it better than waxing? Is it worth the price? Let’s check it out.


We all want our car to look clean and shiny, but maintaining a car free from dirt and keeping that new car shine is not an easy task. Having to buff, polish, or wet sand, can become a lot to upkeep.


Have you ever thought of a permanent solution that makes it easier to maintain the new and glossy finish of your car? Here we are, presenting you with a solution, Ceramic coating.


Ceramic coating is the process of applying an industry-grade chemical solution to the exterior of the vehicle. This nano technology is designed to create a hydrophobic layer over your vehicle’s clear coat. This layer acts as a protection layer for your vehicle. 


The main goal or the purpose of applying the ceramic coating is to prevent the car from mud, dirt, and scratches which ruins the paint of our brand new vehicle.


Why should you apply the ceramic coating?


One of the main and major benefits of applying a ceramic coat is, it provides long-lasting protection to our car’s exterior. It protects our car from harmful UV rays, which destroys the new and glossy finish of the vehicle.


It also protects our brand new vehicle from rain, mud, and stains which makes it another reason to apply the coating. The water beads and slides from the top of the car if the water is being splashed on the car.


The coating also provides another layer of protection in preventing the formation of rust on the vehicle. It also prevents the process of Oxidization. 


Another big reason to apply the ceramic coating is, it provides us a new glossy finish, providing us with a look of a brand new car, which makes it the most lovable feature by all the car lovers.


After applying the ceramic coating, it forms hydrophobic bonds with the paint of the car. The beauty of the hydrophobic bond is, it repels water. It means water will slide and glide off from the surface. Ceramic coating also provides protection against chemical stains. 


Unlike waxing, we do not have to worry about the washing of the car. The coating does not wear out even if we wash our car. It requires a special process to be removed from the car. So we are assured that water or rain cannot damage the coating of the car.


Is the Ceramic coating worth it?

The short answer is yes- it will be a big add on to your car’s life in the long run. In the long-haul all the benefits that Ceramic coating provides gives a wide range of benefits in terms of protection of the car.


So you should definitely check it out in order to avail these benefits.


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