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Protect your vehicle from COVID-19 bacteria, Located in Ajax | We Provide a Deep Disinfecting Clean | Germ Killing Steam Cleaning Packages - Services Available

We all might have heard of our friends saying Steam washing his car. Then we are amazed by the term “Steam washing”.  What does it mean?

Well, the name itself says everything. Steam cleaning or Steam washing is the process of washing our car’s exterior and interior parts with the help of the steam vapors.

Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly way of cleaning and removing the dust particles, as the steam vapors do not contain any harmful or chemical substances that damage and ruins the car’s life.

Steam cleaning is used to remove dirt, mud, and grease also. Its high pressure is enough to break down the dirt molecules that stick to our car’s surface. It is the most effective way to clean the mud that ruins the look of our new car.


What difference does it make from the regular wash?


Well, it offers a lot of benefits apart from the regular wash. With a regular wash, we will not be able to completely get rid of stains and dirt that sticks to the surface of the car.

By using Steam, we can completely get rid of dirt and mud. It also removes the grease stains and vinyl sticker stains that remain even after regular wash.

With the help of steam, we can sanitize the whole car. During these times, we all have to be very careful as the whole world is suffering from COVID-19. To make our premises and our things free from these types of viruses, we all have to sanitize our belongings.


With the help of Steam cleaning, it became very much easier to keep our car free and clean from any such types of viruses. The steam kills the bacteria and viruses that are lying on the surfaces. So we can rest assured if we sanitize our car through Steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning not only cleans the mud and dirt but also kills the viruses as the steam produced by the steamer is hot enough to kill any type of viruses.

During these difficult times, everyone is opting for a steam wash instead of regular ones, as it offers a complete sanitization of your vehicle.

No harsh chemicals are used in steam cleaning, so it is highly preferred as it does not damage the paint or the look of the car, instead making your car stay intact with nature.

We can also reach the tiniest areas of the car that are not accessible by a regular car wash. Some areas cannot be cleaned with water, such types of areas can be cleaned with the help of Steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning also requires very little time to dry as compared to a regular wash. The areas almost get dry as soon as the cleaning is over.


Finally, choosing Steam cleaning would be a great advantage as it offers a safer vehicle to you and your family during these tuff times. 

Our Services:

  • SUV Steam Cleaning COVID Near Me

  • Car Steam Cleaning in Pickering

  • Interior Wash and Clean Car in Ajax

  • Interior Mercedes Benz Clean Car Steam Clean in Ajax

  • Nissan Car Steam Cleaning in Pickering

  • Mitsubishi vehicle cleaning services in Pickering

  • Dodge Annual Interior Cleaning in Ajax

  • Porshe Steam Clean in Ajax

  • Chevrolet Steam Clean services 

  • Chrysler cleaning in Pickering

  • Fiat steam cleaning in Ajax

  • Smart Car Corona Virus Steam Cleaning in Oshawa

  • Tesla Post COVID Steam Cleaning in Pickering

  • Subaru Steam Cleaning in Ajax

  • Lexus Steam Cleaning in Whitby

  • Mercedes Benz Steam Cleaning in Port Union

  • Audi Steam Cleaning Near me

  • Acura Steam Cleaning in Pickering

  • Chrysler SUV Steam Cleaning

  • Cadillac Steam Cleaning in Whitby

  • Infinity Car Cleaning service in Oshawa

  • Jeep Cleaning Car services in Pickering

  • Ford Steam Cleaning COVID-19 in Whitby

  • Toyota Steam Cleaning in Ajax

  • Mazda maintenance cleaning disinfectant in Pickering

  • Interior Disinfectant service Ajax

  • Tesla Steam Cleaning Thorough in Ajax 

  • Ajax COVID Steam Clean Package 

  • Custom Range Rover Steam Cleaning Pickering

  • Land Rover Steam Cleaning in Whitby

  • BMW Disinfecting Near Me

  • Car Disinfecting Steam Cleaning Near Me

  • Honda Disinfecting and Steam Cleaning in Port Union

  • Infiniti Steam Cleaning in Pickering

  • Hyundai Steam Cleaning on Sheppard

  • Mercedes Benz Disinfecting Steam Cleaning in Ajax

  • Steam Cleaning and Disinfection Clean in Ajax

  • Exterior Car, SUV, Truck Steam Cleaning in Ajax

  • Interior COVID Prevention Steam Cleaning Car in Oshawa

Perfect Touch Auto Spa Services all of Ajax and the surrounding areas.

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