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Window Tinting in The GTA & Ajax | Affordable Paint Protection Packages - Book Online


With that same energy- we also provide state of the art window tinting (you could say we’re known for it). Maintain the value of your car, truck or SUV with Window Tinting, this high end process is where our team applies a transparent tinted film on your car, truck or SUV’s windows that allows the prevention and minimizes exposure to the sun’s radiation and it’s affects on everyone who may be in the car, truck or SUV. 

Paint Protection Advice From Professionals

Searching online only brings lots of bad advice from people that don’t understand Car, Truck or SUV protection. Of course, you can’t blame them for being misinformed; they just fall victim to everything floating around that they have access to, our team follows a very strict protocol when it comes to our understanding of how Paint Protection is done thoroughly, and properly (experience has played a role in this as well).

In order to understand Paint Protection needs, you must understand the difference between a highly rated car wax and the best car paint sealant to see which one you need.

Wax products contain natural wax ingredients in the formulation. Sometimes, it’s with beeswax, Montan, or carnauba. Sealants, on the other hand, come from synthetic ingredients. What makes things even more confusing is that interchangeable terms are used like sealants, wax, and polish. Without coming to Perfect Touch Auto Spa, you don’t really know what you’re getting.

What Is Used in Paint Protection Services? 

Our Team knows Paint Protection, and as a result we use strong, durable, clear film that protects vulnerable paint surfaces from scratches, stone chips and stains. It also protects painted surfaces from fading because it contains UV inhibitors.

Paint Protection Installation Process

The overall concept of paint protection film is straightforward, Perfect Touch Auto Spa ensures a time effective as well as effective process, the film with adhesive on one side is then stuck on a car’s paint surface. Learning to perfect the paint protection film application process takes years of training and practice. Skilled installers make this incredibly intricate and tricky process look easy. Our team offers installation performed by authorized professional installers. Visit here to see the time frame of this service.

Top 5 Reasons to get your car Paint Protection with Perfect Touch Auto Spa 

  • Long term protection on your vehicle

  • Adding Value to the protection of your vehicle

  • Prevent scuffs and bruising

What is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is the process of applying a thin scratch resistant film to the window. It can be applied to the interior or exterior of the window.

The Windows film, also called Tint film is made from a polyester base. It is generally adhesive in nature and sticks to the window glass upon applying. The purpose of this film is to provide protection against sun rays.

It also provides safety in case of accidents as it holds the glass particles tight, the chances of glass being broken is very less.

Why should you prefer window tinting?

The first and foremost benefit of window tinting is, it blocks almost 99% of the harmful UV rays entering into the car. The window film blocks the harmful rays, thus making it safer to ride even on a sunny day.

Another major benefit is, it provides privacy to the users by making it hard to look into the car. We can clearly watch the outside world is sitting inside the car, but the outside world is unable to view what’s happening inside the car.

Windows tinting also helps in provides security to the window, as the tint holds the window tightly making it difficult to break.

Windows tinting also makes the car stay cooler by preventing sun rays.

The tint blocks the harmful sun rays from being entering into the vehicle.

Driving a car with tinted windows is far safer than driving the car without tinted windows because it prevents the sun glare directly hitting your eyes through the window.


It also reduces the glare produced by other vehicle headlights. Thus providing us with less glare. Most of the accidents out there happen due to the glare of the headlights.

Tinting windows also keep the interior safe from sunlight and keeps our upholstery safe from fading. Most of the interior fades away due to sunlight. So tinting would be a great choice to keep our interior look new.

With the help of window film, we are able to reduce the temperature inside the car. With this, we can also save some amount of fuel. When we are in low temperatures we reduce the use of AC. So we can save some energy.

Tinted windows also reduce skin damage. The tint film blocks the harmful UV rays and sun rays. Therefore, we can drive happily even on a sunny day because it reflects backs the sun rays without entering it into the car cabin.

Many of the cars right there are being broken by robbers if they see anything valuable in the car. But in the case of tinted windows, it is not possible, because they cannot look into the car from outside. So the chances of being robbed are very low when compared to non-tinted windows. The tint layer also makes it difficult to break as it is less fragile.


So finally we can conclude that Windows tinting would be a great opportunity to keep the interior safe and to keep ourselves protected from harmful UV rays and sun rays.

Our Services:

  • Porshe maintenance in Ajax

  • Chevrolet paint protection services 

  • Chrysler window tinting in Pickering

  • Fiat window tinting in Ajax

  • Smart Car paint protection in Oshawa

  • Tesla Window Tinting Maintenance in Pickering

  • Subaru Paint Protection in Ajax

  • Lexus Window Tinting in Whitby

  • Mercedes Benz  paint protection in Port Union

  • Audi Paint Protection Near me

  • Acura Paint Protection in Pickering

  • Chrysler SUV Window Tinting

  • Cadillac  Window Tinting in Whitby

  • Infinity Cleaning and shield window tinting service in Oshawa

  • Jeep Cleaning and window tinting services in Pickering

  • Ford Paint Protection in Whitby

  • Toyota Window Tinting in Ajax

  • Mazda maintenance paint services in Pickering

  • Interior Window Tinting service Ajax

  • Tesla Paint Protection in Ajax 

  • Ajax Window Tinting Package 

  • Custom Range Rover Paint Protection Pickering

  • Land Rover Window Tint in Whitby

  • BMW Paint Protection Near Me

  • Window Tinting Near Me

  • Car Paint Protection Near Me

  • Car Window Tinting in Pickering

  • Exterior Kia Paint Protection in Ajax

  • Interior Mercedes Benz Paint Protection  in Ajax

  • Nissan Car Window Tinting in Pickering

  • Mitsubishi paint protection services in Pickering

  • Dodge Annual Paint Protection in Ajax

  • Honda Paint Protection and Repair in Port Union

  • Infiniti Window Tinting in Pickering

  • Hyundai Paint Protection on Sheppard

  • Mercedes Benz Window Tinting in Ajax

  • Paint Protection and Window Tinting in Ajax

  • Exterior Vehicle Paint Protection in Ajax

  • Exterior Vehicle  Window Tinting in Oshawa

Perfect Touch Auto Spa Services all of Ajax and the surrounding areas.

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Window Tinting and Paint Protection should never be a hassle, With Perfect Touch Auto Spa’s Top Rated Paint protection film we offer the latest and the most advanced version of vehicle finish protection.

This protective overcoat film is designed to shield your car and resist against damage from rocks, sand, salt, tar, insects and all other road debris. One of the other major benefits of our paint protection film is that it enhances the resale value and keeps your vehicle looking newer, longer. We ensure that you can breathe easily knowing that your car is protection against minor scapes and bruises.


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